Revolution: Visions of women life freedom

The current, women-led revolution in Iran is a reminder of how important it is to fight for freedom. Revlutin: Visions of women life freedom is a virtual exhibition of adornment as a powerful political and educational tool, amplifying the voices of those fighting for a free and peaceful life against the Islamic Regime occupying Iran.

By creating a space for dialogue and reflection, Revlutin brings attention to this historical moment through art.

Revlutin highlights the challenges and sacrifices made for achieving true freedom and equality, to spread awareness and bring about positive change.

SNAG is proud to host this exhibition, organized & curated by Azita Mireshghi and Siavash Jaraiedi.

From March 21 to May 21, 2023 on the Snag Metalsmith platform

Women who, between a before and an already gone, we don't look at
Photo Damián Wasser


Tincal lab Challenge 2022 Jewelry and Literature

Opening November 12, 4:00 p.m.
Tincal lab - CCBombarda, Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285, store 25 - Porto, Portugal
from November 12 to December 31, 2022

With the main objective of showing the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, opening its doors to the general public, every year Tincal lab invites jewelers from all over the world to a Challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces with a maximum price, inspired by on a topic.

In 2022, the 8th edition of this initiative proposes a reflection on the theme "Jewelry and Literature" and brings to Porto pieces by 79 artists from 29 different countries, created exclusively for this event, with a maximum price of €150.

The inauguration of this incredible collective exhibition of unique characteristics will be at Tincal lab, store 25 of the Bombarda Shopping Center, on the date of Simultaneous Openings in Porto Art District: November 12 and can be visited until the end of 2022.

In this exhibition, the artists use literature as a source of inspiration, explore words and materials, favorite books, authors and quotes, presenting not only pieces of jewelry, but also reflections, stories, works of art.


61st Annual International Exhibition of Ceramic Art / CAAC

2nd Honorable Mention in the "Other Disciplines in Dialogue with Ceramics" category: Paula Isola, Words surround us, overwhelm us, mark us.

The words that surround us, spoken and written, shape us as people, leave a mark on our skin. That is why I am passionate about working with the words of others. In some way, what was said is transformed and said again in another materiality and voice. For this work I used phrases from “Dollhouse” by Enrique Ibsen (Sepan quantos Collection, Editorial Porrúa), a Norwegian playwright, a play that was written in 1879 and marks a milestone in modern theater and in the development of feminism.

Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
May 25 359, CABA
Until September 30.
Monday to Friday from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Babbling of a prelude

“I want to say that I have to change my approach, I have to look at the world with another perspective, another logic, other methods of knowledge and verification. The images of lightness that I seek must not be dissolved like dreams by the reality of the present and the future...” (SIX PROPOSALS FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM; Italo Calvino).

In these times when everything is discarded almost instantly, I choose to work with objects that I find and with materials of my own harvest, such as kombucha. Many years ago I accepted my impulse to save everything that seems reusable to me: pieces of wood, old objects that others discard, watches that do not work, seeds, stones that I collect on each trip.
There, among those sleeping treasures, my work begins. Paula Isola

Exhibition hall of Bazar El Chincol, Valparaíso, Chile.

Until September 30, 2022


Gabinete de curiosidades / Colectivo Fwiya e invitados

Antes no había museos, había cuartos de maravillas donde los coleccionistas guardaban objetos raros, extraños, que generaban curiosidad, interés inusual, miles de interrogantes a quien tuviera la oportunidad de tenerlos frente a sí: saber dónde, por qué, a quién, cómo y cuándo aquello tan lejano, nunca visto y jamás imaginado, podía ser cotidiano, habitual.

Los gabinetes de curiosidades, lejos de pretender la conservación de un pasado inmóvil, fueron espacios que facilitaron investigación científica y creación artística, es decir, movimiento, es decir, futuro.

En una época en la que cualquier pregunta se resuelve con un click, en la que los misterios y mundos fantásticos están, con suerte, reservados a la niñez, en la que la nos hemos vuelto perezosos para la pregunta y la profundidad quedándonos en la superficie, esta exposición busca despertar en quien se acerque ganas de saber más, provocarle preguntas, curiosidad.

Exposición del colectivo Fwiya e invitados de Argentina y Chile en el Museo de la Historia del Traje, en el marco de la III Bienal Latinoamericana de joyería contemporánea 2021-22.

Desde el 18 de marzo al 30 de abril, Chile 832 - CABA, Argentina


What Is Left Unsaid

By naming we make visible the unseen. In our world, here, now, close to us and beyond our grasp, a myriad of unspeakable things happens. Worrisome, pleasurable, shameful, enslaving, freeing, painful, and vibrant things that finally do not allow us to be indifferent. This is the inspiration for our current work. Collectively and individually we put everything on display, from gut reactions to well thought out responses to these sometimes nameless, often unmentionable details of our existence.

Exhibition by the Caracú group at UadeArt, within the framework of the III Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry 2021.

From September 3 to October 25, Independencia 1127 - CABA, Argentina


Jewelry and Anatomy

Discomfort is an acquired taste, as is much contemporary jewelry. But feeling uncomfortable ignites self-consciousness and elicits a state of heightened alert. (...) And sometimes being uneasy in the world is the only way to achieve comfort with one’s own skin.

Suzanne Ramljak, Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, p 219 

Tincal lab | tincallab.com | Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285, loja 25 - 4050-381 Porto, Portugal 
November 9th to December 31st of 2019 


Fabulaciones / Colectivo Fwiya e invitados

Fábulas, fabulaciones, fabuladores. Realidad o invención? Nos rodean desde pequeños en forma de cuentos, lejanas historias familiares que crecen y mutan de boca en boca, fábulas que vienen por los caminos dejando sus huellas en nuestro corazón. Son parte de nuestra vida y somos parte de ellas. Donde está el límite? Fábulas de los tiempos antiguos, fábulas familiares y otras personalísimas, fantasías que enriquecen nuestro vivir a la par de otras que nos atormentan y se vuelven oscuras como sombras. Invenciones para entender, para sobrevivir, para enloquecer.
He aquí nuestras fabulaciones de autor.

Exposición realizada en el Museo de la Historia del Traje, Chile 832, CABA
19 de septiembre a l10 de noviembre 2018

y en el Centro Cultural Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
4 de mayo al 2 de junio 2019


Aaron Faber / Messages: Jewelry Speaks / Sofa Chicago

Messages: jewelry speaks

October 3 to 28, 2017 / Collective exhibition

666 5TH AVE
NEW YORK, NY 10103


Pamela Argentieri
Beloved NYC
Michael Berger
Matthieu Cheminée
Jim Cotter
Trudee Hill
Paula Isola
Julie Lamb
Thomas Mann
Tom Munsteiner
Celia Pascaud
Gretchen Raber
Kim Rawdin
Danny Saathoff
Anika Smulovitz
Dickson Yewn
Peter Schmid/Atelier Zobel

The show also participated in SOFA CHICAGO 2017
The Navy Pier / November 2-5, 2017.